Behind the Camera

Photographer and videographer, Troy McCormick, is the owner of Natural Concepts, Inc., a museum and exhibit consulting company, that  film and produced an outdoor TV show called Indiana Outdoor Adventures. In his early career, Troy was the Assistant Park Manager at Shades State Park, just up river from Turkey Run State Park, and Parke County. Even though he was born and raised in Indiana, it wasn’t until he was living at Shades did he “discover” the multitude of covered bridges in the region.

Troy with West Union Covered B

Over the course of three years Troy filmed four episodes of Indiana Outdoor Adventures in Parke County (Maple Syrup Festival, Covered Bridge Festival, Frog Gigging, and a canoe trip down Sugar Creek). Between those four adventures, and six additional trips to Parke County, he has filmed and photographed each of the 31 bridges multiple times.

Video footage was filmed with a Canon XLH1 video camera, a waterproof Canon video camera from within a canoe, and with a DJI Phantom quadcopter equipped for aerial filming.







Providing assistance with the logistics and trip planning was David Blake, a resident of Parke County, and owner of the Old Goat Trading Post and Peaceful Waters Campground. The cabins for rent at the campground are an excellent alternative to looking for a hotel in the county. It made a great base of operations on each of the trips to Parke County.

Troy and Dave fling quadcopter
Troy (L) and Dave (R)